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About us

The Europe House is a unique company which is oriented on clients. We put together all our contacts, skills and opportunities to provide the full list of services from the designing to creating your own furniture.

We always know about trends. It means that interiors we make emphasise your status and taste. It is really important in the world where everyone fights for a place in the sun.

By the way, the Europe House has almost no competitors. We are the only company who can take these scopes of different works.

You enjoy the first-rate quality of our work because the Europe House gathered all professionals in all kinds of housing.
You become a part of a history because the Europe House is the leader in the interior market. 

Our showrooms

You will find everything in our showrooms: furniture, carpets, lighting, accessories and finishing materials. Our specialists will answer all of your questions and help you to make the right choice. The Europe House is something special, not just a furniture store. The atmosphere we make is full of home cosiness. But even despite that, we make the unique interiors for you. 

Ekaterinburg, Mamin-Sibiryak st, 36

+7 (343) 388–04–75
+7 (343) 388–14–88
+7 (343) 388–04–70

Furniture and kitchens, lamps of various styles and directions: from classics to exclusive design models


Author's carpets handmade on individual projects


Karl Marx st, 20a

+7 (343) 378–78–62
+7 (343) 378–78–63
+7 (343) 378–78–56

All for the arrangement of bathrooms: plumbing, ceramic tile, mosaic