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About us

The top shelf has never been so close to you, this is because the Eurodom knows your exact height and will choose a kitchen which is perfect for you. You feel comfortable to work under your light because the Eurodom knows that you enjoy bright lighting. Returning home has never been so great because we use all of our resources and powers to make the client's dreams come true. 

The Eurodom is a truly unique company, as we are only focused on our client’s wishes. For the last 15 years, we have been accumulating all of our contacts and skills to be able to offer a comprehensive list of various competitive services. Provided services range from designing to creating your own furniture.

We are always keen on the trends. It means that interiors we make genuinely emphasise your high status and stylish taste.

By the way, the Eurodom has almost no competitors. We are the only company on the market which offers services from such various scopes of work.

You can enjoy the finest quality of our work because the Eurodom gathered the greatest professionals in all kinds of industries. You can become a part of history because the Eurodom is the clear leader in the modern interior sector.

Our showrooms

You will find everything in our showrooms: furniture, carpets, lighting, accessories and finishing materials. Our specialists will answer all of your questions and help you to make the right choice. While the Eurodom is not an ordinary furniture store, our showrooms still demonstrate some of the products we are offering to our clients. 

Ekaterinburg, Mamin-Sibiryak st, 36

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Furniture and kitchens, lamps of various styles and directions: from classics to exclusive design models


Author's carpets handmade on individual projects