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The Iset Tower

Lighting in the lobby area and elevator halls

The famous Iset Tower - 200 meters tall multifunctional complex with premium class apartments became even more attractive because of the collaborative work between the Eurodom and the famous architect Tatiana Pestovskikh.

The building includes Tatiana's elegant concept in the lobby, where we used an experience of the famous Czech factory Preciosa. An impressively large and unique light installation is made from a transparent Bohemian glass mixed with the stainless steel made exclusively for this project.

The building’s 52 floors of elevator halls are decorated with gorgeous handmade ceiling lights, made from brutal-style stainless steel rings and milky-matt glass diffusers. These lights were exclusively produced by an Italian Lamp International for our project. As a result - the stunning weave of light and shadow inspire and amaze form a very first moment you enter this unique architectural construction.

Place: Yekaterinburg